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Welcome To The Elite Betting Game!

Here you will be put up against your competitors and try to predict the outcome of the Elite Group.
You will recieve points for every place you correctly foresee and bonus points for more than one place in a row and if you correctly guess the top eight.
The winner of the Elite Betting Game for each season will WIN one season worth of supporter credits for GPRO, so may the best manager win, Good Luck .

Welcome To Season 70! - Welcome To Season 70!.
A Huge Congrats to the Season 69 Betting Game champion Harsh Sheth, who has won the game for the first time. A seasons worth of supporter credits is on your way. Well done!
The Final Standings for season 69, and previous seasons can be viewed from the history link in the menu or by clicking here
If you have any suggestions or issues with the game, you are welcome to email me.

Jason Canobie
Elite Betting Game Webmaster

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Game Standings

Flag Of Australia Steven Hill
(Amateur - 40) 0
Flag Of Lithuania Egidijus Skarelis
(Amateur - 90) 0
Flag Of Latvia Ilmars Licitis
(Pro - 25) 0
Flag Of Portugal Paulo Gouveia
(Amateur - 76) 0
Flag Of Sweden Christer Andersson
(Pro - 24) 0
Flag Of Latvia Raimonds Urtāns
(Pro - 6) 0
Flag Of Portugal Rafael Marques
(Pro - 2) 0
Flag Of Portugal Jorge Hora
(Pro - 19) 0
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Most Accurate Managers

Flag Of Spain Alberto Perez
(Pro - 2) 0.0%
Flag Of Brazil Alexandre Faria
(Rookie - 105) 0.0%
Flag Of Brazil Amato Batoni
(Amateur - 52) 0.0%
Flag Of Latvia Anatoli Zvaigznitis
(Pro - 2) 0.0%
Flag Of Poland Andrzej Dąbrowski
(Amateur - 3) 0.0%
Flag Of Brazil Antonio Guzzo
(Amateur - 90) 0.0%
Flag Of Brazil Artur Terezan
(Pro - 6) 0.0%
Flag Of Netherlands Auke Haarsma
(Elite) 0.0%