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Elite Betting Game Help

The Elite Betting game is a game in which you will be able to hopefully predict the outcome of the Elite class in Grand Prix Racing Online, you will recieve points based on who you correctly foresee and bonus points for correctly foreseeing more than three places in a row or the whole top 8.
You will be able to make your choice until the start of the race at 20:00 CET Time (19:00 GMT, 18:00 GMT in Summer), there is a count down timer on every page above the main menu which tells you how long you have until betting has closed for the next race. If you prefer to not have the clock in the Australian Timezone please click AEST or AEDT and then you may select CET Time on the page it takes you to after clicking that link.

If for any reason a race is delayed after the normal race time, the time in which you can place a bet will not change.If it is postponed for more than 12 hours, the bets may be reopened for that race until the start time if the admin has been made aware of the postponement. Please note the Admin does not play GPRO or rarely login to GPRO, and is only normally only contacted to reset the game at the end of the season, any questions / concerns should be emailed to the admin.

If there is a problem with the script that stops bets from being placed after 20:00 CET Time, any player who places or changes a bet after that time or the start of the race will have there bet for that race cancelled, as the database is only backed up at certain times I cannot change the bet back to the original one if it was changed, also think of this as a warning as it makes the game unfair for those who play it properly if a player takes advantage of a broken or improperly run script that player may have his account suspended for a period of time, or banned permantly if it is a serious offence.

The results for the race should be updated within a few hours of the end of the race via an automatic script, if for some reason this fails they will be corrected as soon as it comes to the webmasters attention

From time to time there are small updates made to the server that this game is ran on these updates usually are run at about 11pm Or 12am Australian Eastern Time (2pm or 3pm GMT Time) on weekends or the updates may happen sometimes on weekdays if they are urgent this may bring a downtime of 5-10 minutes while the server is rebooted and software is correctly restarted, if there are updates that will take longer the webmaster will display a notification on the main page if he is notified before hand.

If You Find any mistakes or problems please notify the Elite Betting Game Admin Jason Canobie, Via Email (Email is listed in my profile in GPRO).

The points will be awarded as follows

Points Awarded


Suppose a player has choose for the Race:

  • 1st: M Lim;
  • 2nd: M Sarocka;
  • 3rd: G Keturakis ;
  • 4th: G Schnierle;
  • 5th: D Paplauskas ;
  • 6th: R Coelho;
  • 7th: C Whiting;
  • 8th: T Celiesius;

and the results are, for the Race:

  • 1st: D. Paplauskas;
  • 2ns: G. Keturakis;
  • 3rd: M. Lim;
  • 4th: S. Difficile;
  • 5th: M. Sarocka;
  • 6th: R. Coelho;
  • 7th: C. Whiting;
  • 8th:E. Kotilainen;

The player will have:

  • 12 points for having found the 6th place of the race;
  • 8 points for having found the 7th place of the race;

Which represents a total of: 12 + 8 =   20 points.


  • You will also receive extra bonus points if you correctly guess:
Positions Points Awarded
From 1st - 3rd 10
From 1st - 4th 12
From 1st - 5th 14
From 1st - 6th 16
From 1st - 7th 18
From 1st - 8th 20


You Will Also Receive the Bonus Points For All Positions Above Where You Correctly Guessed,

Example - If You Correctly Guessed From 1st to 5th Place In An Elite Class Race You Will Get,
10 Bonus Points For 1st to 3rd
12 Bonus Points For 1st to 4th
14 Bonus Points For 1st to 5th
Giving You a Total Of 36 Bonus Points Added on to the normal points you received for the bet

FAQ/Game Rules For Game Version 3.6 - 7th September 2013
Written By Jason Canobie.