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Flag Of South Korea Yeongam GP
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Webmaster / Programmer: Jason Canobie

Graphics / Design: Jason Canobie, Based On Madeyourweb Joomla! Template by Marc Hinse

Original Game Concept: Salvatore Difficile

Database Design: Jason Canobie, Pedro Silva Mendes & Jimmy Harlindong

Additional Help: Jimmy Harlindong, Vladimir Alexandrov, Stefan Voggenreither

And a Special Thanks To: All Those Beta Testers and Other Contributors Towards The Game Whom Are Not Listed Above

A Little History: The Elite Betting Game along with Grand Prix Racing Online, is the product of many years of planning and creating a non corrupt game for the players
The Beginnings of this game was as simple of posting your bet in the F1 Portal Forums for every G1 race run since Season 4, it became popular among not just the Players of G1 but many of the other 1560 players as well
Salvatore Difficile was the first to run this game before being passed on by whoever wanted to post first on any given race, this was unreliable and most of the time no-one knew exactly who was leading the game
The Game was taken over by Jason Canobie late in Season 6 and continued to run successfully under his management there for a further 10 seasons. The need for an automated approach to the game was highlighted when there were 70 - 80 bets per race and work began on creating an easier game to manage.
With the Help of Pedro Silva Mendes (F1 Portal Webmaster), Jason created scripts to fit a database design created by Pedro that almost all of it is still in use today!
Upon launching this new game in Season 14, an announcement was made that F1 Portal would be running its Last Season; this prompted Jason to cancel the launch of the game in case it did actually end as was said.
After a new Webmaster took over communication between him and Jason was not very good and unfortunately a total lack of respect for anyone playing the game eventully meant that the unused game sitting on Jasons Server was waiting for the right time to be used, fortunately Interest in F1Portal Fell as soon as Pedro leftAfter Leaving F1 Portal in late 2004, Jason thought he would give another management game a go called F1-Time, After a few season of playing gave me experience and a general feeling of a good community behind it Jason Asked the Webmaster of F1-Time about running the Betting Game, which after a few E-mails ended up in a new side game for F1-Time
Six seasons were played with the game improving greatly with every new season as changes were made to improve the usability of the website, Unfortunately F1-Time grinded to a halt between new versions of the game and stayed that way for a whole year, which is when I was asked by a few well known Managers to come and run the Betting Game For GPRO
A Brand New game not played as yet looking at for the first time which has enormous potential to be a great game made it a done deal almost straight away.Since that day in November 2005 work began on a new version of the game to fit into how Grand Prix Racing Online works, completed in March 2006 the game was run with a separate login system which made it difficult to attract new players, even though at that time GPRO was in Beta Testing.
Work began on a new login system and layout in early April 2006 to make it almost impossible to understand how to login, all that is required is a click on a Hyperlink from the players Office in GPRO and the login is then transferred to the Elite Betting Game so that a second login is not required.
Now the game is running in an environment that it was originally created for I hope it can receive and manage many more players than it could when all calculations were made by hand on a calculator and piece of paper back 3 Years ago.
Enjoy The Game, and please if you have any suggestions or improvements please dont hesitate in letting me know at via email, which is available from my profile on GPRO.

Jason Canobie
Elite Betting Game Admin